Finder Gatherer

F18927085_10155332989970996_1011984506_oinder Gatherer is a tiny shop that curates Vintage, designer and beautiful second hand clothing. Owner, jewellery designer and art teacher Jenny Braithwaite focuses on collecting quality made and unique pieces at an affordable price. Since the beginning, Jenny has focused on buying quality and is a true believer in the concept of buying less fast fashion, making an item last and recycling garments to reduce the amount of waste produced by the fast pace of the clothing industry.

18947248_10155332986035996_412564913_oInspired by her recent trip to NYC, Jenny felt compelled to open a small shop (her second attempt post Earthquake).

Brooklyn felt a little worn in, it has real spirit and I saw similarities to my hometown Port of Lyttelton. The character of Lyttelton, its people and heritage buildings like The British compelled me to open Finder Gatherer there. The time was right, the opportunity arose and the space became available. Within a week of returning from the states I was on my hands and knees painting the floor and happily gathering stock.

Pop down Oxford Street on Saturdays and into The British or visit
FinderGathererBoutique on Instagram or Finder Gatherer on facebook.



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