Harbour Co-op Special Meeting

424980_387790687915671_1314406649_nPart of the Harbour Co-op? Get yourself to the special meeting being held on June 4th at The Portal, 54A Oxford St, Lyttelton.

This is your invitation to a special meeting. The Harbour Co-op is at a crossroads and there are both opportunities and adventures ahead of us….

We’ve previously outlined the the wonderful products and community cohesion the Co-op has always offered; though our financial sustainability has been less than ideal.
We are now at something of a crossroads and the Board needs input from you, the owners and from the wider community on some options we have scoped out for the future direction of our Cooperative. We would also like to hear your thoughts about other ideas for our beloved shop too.

We believe our preferred option has a good chance of returning the Co-op shop to profitability and also offers an exciting opportunity for the shop to operate as more of a workers co-operative than it is at present, meaning greater involvement from you, the owners and wider community.

We also want to broaden the conversation and discuss the place of the shop and the Harbour Co-op in the context of various other projects and movements working towards environmental, economic and social sustainability in the Harbour basin and beyond.

Please note while this meeting has previously been advertised as a special general meeting, we’ve decided that this will be an opportunity to review the various options and leave any formal decisions to a subsequent time to ensure all owners (including those unable to attend this meetings) can have a say.

We will provide some kai to begin the meeting with a shared lunch, feel free to bring something too.

In the meantime please confirm your attendance by emailing us – info@harbourcoop.co.nz

Looking forward to see you all there for this wonderful dynamic conversation!


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