Crap Music Rave Party! at Wunderbar

17553932_1493760657324517_3987943957056214703_nHe’s back! Not once! But twice!

Hyperactive DJ idiot Tomás Ford hits Christchurch’s Wunderbar for two huge nights of his epic Crap Music Rave Party on May 12 & 13.
Tomás had to miss Christchurch out in his tour earlier this year, so he’s flying back to NZ direct from Perth for one huge weekend.
If you haven’t joined his freaky dancefloor before, it’s pretty easy to explain: no good music is allowed. You can request any song you like. Tomás’ll play the crappest ones that come up, dropping them like the party weapons they aren’t.

It’s a full-on spectacle including DIY rave video projections, balloons, hardware store disco lights, glowsticks and… look, it’s hard to explain. Things get really fun.

Struggling to think of a request? Get your brain thinking about stuff like Take That, Tina Arena, Op Shop, Mel & Kim, Dannii Minogue, line dancing techno, “Can You Feel The Love Tonight,” forgotten Christmas hits, 80s movie themes, Korn, Mandy Moore, half-remembered 2 Unlimited soundalikes from 1992, Gwyneth Paltrow’s version of Cruisin’, the Love Actually soundtrack… if it’s bad enough, it’ll get a spin.

It’s a schtick that’s seen him become a fixture at the Edinburgh Fringe and in clubs around Australia, New Zealand and the UK. The parties seem to sell out almost everywhere he goes, and his last two visits to Wunderbar were totally packed, so make sure you get in quick and book a ticket.



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