Boat Electronics Workshop At Naval Point Club


The Little Ship Club is excited to work with Tweeds Marine to present a Marine Electronics Workshop. Chris – the tutor has over 30 years experience as an electronics engineer. More info about him can be found here:

Cost will be $150 per person. Limited spaces available, so please email to register.

The course will cover the basic principles of the DC power systems commonly found on yachts before moving onto an overview of the various networks commonly found on navigation and sailing electronics.

Each session to be 1 – 1.5 hours long

Week 1 – Volts, Amps, Ohms, Watts
How to use voltage, current, resistance and how power is developed across a resistance. Why things get hot and the effect on efficiency.

Week 2 – Basic circuit theory parallel and serial circuits

Week 3 – Wire sizing, current capacity, fusing, electrical safety
Wire size table Current capacity, wire resistance, heating, efficiency

Week 4 – Batteries and power budget
Overview of the available battery technologies and calculation a power budget for your boat.

Week 5 – Battery charging systems
Overview of the various charging systems, efficiency and capability in these broad categories
• engine alternators
• wind generators
• solar panels
• hydro generators (prop shaft or over the stern)

Week 6 – Instrument networks
Overview of the various networks based on NMEA standards 0183, 2000 and variants. There are various propiatary standards but they are all based on these. The future of instrument networking – Signal K? Interfacing computers to your boat.

Week 7 – What happens when it goes wrong
Basic fault finding and repairs. Some simple methods to help isolate the faulty module or machine.


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