Emily Fairlight’s album fundraiser

Emily Fairlight has been living in Lyttelton for the last couple of years, working and gigging and now needs you support to get herself over to Austin to record her new album.

After writing a new song ‘The Escape’ (one of many new songs to go on the upcoming album) I thought I’d casually capture this as a video on my phone and post it on my Facebook page. Little did I know who’d be watching! I was contacted by Doug Walseth of Cat’s eye Studio in Austin, Texas, who was so excited by the song he wants to record an album with me. I travelled to Texas twice last year to play shows and I met Doug playing at the infamous Hole in the Wall dive bar in Austin. Doug records to tape, which is rare these days and has worked with artists such as David Dondero and Wil Cope. I’m excited for this opportunity and want to throw everything I’ve got at it!

While I’m investing my savings into this album, it won’t happen without extra support from my friends, family and followers to raise enough for this project. I am aiming for $6000 with this Boosted campaign, which will cover flights, studio time, amazing session musicians, and the cost of living in Austin the 10 days while recording these songs I want to share.

Any extra funds over target would go toward mixing, mastering, printing and pressing.

Thank you so much all your support over the years, and for your support with this project.

I’d love for you all to be part of this album, and this is a way you can. I really look forward to sharing the songs with you!

Visit her Boosted page to donate (it’s at 66% already!) and find out more on www.emilyfairlight.com. You can here more of her stuff on her facebook page and on the official bandcamp page as well.


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