Lyttelton Stories

This is an awesome sounding project.

A community storytelling project that will create audio tours around Lyttelton using the voices and stories of the people who live here.

The first phase of this project is underway, with Lyttelton Primary students interviewing people who grew up in Lyttelton. They are connecting to their town and it’s been a pleasure watching their eyes light up hearing stories of Goat Man, clod wars, 4c ice blocks, swimming in the dry dock and going to the “pictures” every Saturday at the Harbour Light.

The next steps are to transcribe these interviews (volunteers will be sought!) and then start mapping out the locations and crafting the stories.

We’re hoping to launch the first tour in June 2017.

Watch this space and get in touch if you are keen to be involved or share your stories of Lyttelton.

This project is supported by Lyttelton Port Company.

Head on over to the Lyttelton Stories facebook page to keep up to date.


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