The All Seeing Hand at LCC

The All Seeing Hand are celebrating the release of their new album Sand To Glass with an extravaganza of live music!

Our time in Lyttelton last year was one of our most tresaured memories from that tour! Brayden took us on the most epic adventure walking the condemed Lyttelton to Sumner Road! We return to the play the Coffee Co. again! The show will feature Unsanitary Napkin’s catchy ‘Patriotic Grooves’, E/N/T’s spine shaking drones and the exquisitely detailed textures and euphoric strings and voices of New Dawn. Lady Lazer Light will be joining us again to colour the walls with her light and visions!

The All Seeing Hand asks:

“As sand turns to glass,
Can our meltdown produce beauty?”
Join the furnace of an All Seeing Hand performance
And experience cathartic transformation.
The things that fall between your fingers
Will become solid and clear.
The seemingly infinite grit
Will coalesce as one object of light.
We will fuse together
And our alchemy will linger
So that as we split
Like light, we’ll remember
This moment of singularity.

8:00pm | $10.00

The album’s official release is 1 December however it will be availiable at the show on CD and Gatefold Vinyl! We would ♥ to spend a night of light & sound with you.

The All Seeing Hand \\\
New Dawn \\\
Unsanitary Napkin \\\
E/N/T \\\
Lade Lazer Light \\\


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