Live And Local at The Wunderbar

14258181_1760732780881522_2527630572518747109_oWunderbar presents an evening of Lyttelton artists. Ben Brown is a major NZ poet who star is on the rise. Soon to be appearing in, “The Last Waltz 40th anniversary”, Ben has a presence onstage that will thrill and mesmerize. Candice Milner has just finished recording her first album which is set for release in November. Al Park has been around for many moons and has a bunch of new songs to play. Dylan Hawes plays a mixture of instrumentals and original songs on his guitar and looper.

To finish the night we have the Wednesday Wundy Band. These guys play every Wednesday with Al Park and tonight they consist of Banjo George, Elmore Jones(guitar),and Gordon the welder(fiddle).

Sounds like a night out!!

Friday 23rd September
Wunderbar Lyttelton
$10 on the door



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