Interview – Rotten Radio 107.7 FM

Who are you?

THE premiere low powered FM station out of Lyttelton, Aotearoa. Our ethos is strongly one of DIY PUNK.

13174044_994718920576736_2454832644360462376_nWhat do you do?
On the frequency 107.7 FM we deejay the best shit around, avidly hoard vinyl, have bands do live-to-airs, interview people of repute (be it good or ill) and sacrifice goats to our deity who it’d be hubric to refer to by name.

How long have you been debauching the airwaves and Capra hircus?
Coming up three years now. Pretty hardout eh?


Can you jazz up this description with a good mutton recipe or something?
You’ve probably got internet so look one up there. And speaking of the internet, yes we’re gonna stream our shit online. When WE feel like it. Now stop telling us what to do. You’re not my real dad.

Anything else?
We have other sweet stuff in the pipeline too so keep an ear glued to the radio and eye out for the Rotten Rag zine.

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